(1) Sustainable Cost Reduction, (2) Achieving “right” and “consistent” quality, (3) Reducing risk in Supply Chain, (4) Innovation through Collaboration, (5) Gaining Competitive Advantage for our clients are our key pointer for supplier development activity



Suppliers can be segmented, not just by spend, but by the total potential value (measured across multiple dimensions) that can be realized through interactions with them. Suppliers can be segmented by the degree of risk to which the realization of that value is subject



Just In Time supplier replenishment are fast becoming the lean tool of choice by most organization when revolutionizing a company’s supply chain. We focus on Supplier Hobbling activity which can be a very effective method of reducing your warehouse space.



We absorb the buyer requirement to meet the expectations. It involves obtaining proposals from prospective sellers. On behalf of our clients, we advertise the request for quote from several potential interested vendors.


  • icon-beakerProcurement Planning

Procurement planning involves identifying which project needs can be best met by using products or services outside the organization. It includes "Whether to procure?", "How to procure?", "What to procure?","How much to procure?", "When to procure?"

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    Solicitation planning

It involves preparing of the documents needed for requirement raising and determining the evaluation criteria for the award of a contract. Common activities for this process are Invitations for Quotation.

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    Source Selection

On receiving the proposals, comparative were prepared. Source selection involves, Evaluating bidders’ proposals & Choosing the best one on the basis of certain number of possible points. We use formal evaluation procedures for selecting vendors.

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We have the expertise which can help you to develop flexible and scalable solutions that meet your objectives while contributing directly to your bottom line. We offer services like Website Creation Service + Domain Registeration + Hosting + Email ID Creation Services.

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We offer an ERP System which uses its own intelligence to make you win. We call it a simple, transparent user friendly system designed to limit data entry & increase visbility of entire Quote, Sales, Production, Inventory, Invoicing and Collection Cycle.

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Business continually changes. You may need to adopt to new regulations, new business rules or new workflows. We can help you to execute your vision and achieve your goals. We Design Simple Solutions to Complex Problem.

WHAT PEOPLE can expect from us


  • We help you to determine what to procure and when.

    We operate for the benefit of our clients & suppliers.

  • We work with a state of mind that "The buyer needs a hundered of eyes; the seller requires one"
  • We help you to Document Product Requirements & Identifying Potential Sources.

    We focus on our Customers.

  • "We believe that a peice of information is everything"
  • We help you in Obtaining Quotations, Offers, or Proposals as Appropriate.

    We are committed to our tradition.

  • "Price is what you pay. Value is what you get."
  • We help you to Choose among Potential Vendors.

    We simplify process.

  • "We plan the work to work the plan."
  • We Manage your Relationship with the Vendor.

    We understand our business better than anyone else.

  • "Linking Technology to your Business."
  • We make the Unavailable Available.

    We are thinking of tomorrow today.

  • Bigger the Vendor Base, Better the Chances of Fetching Best Quotes.