These FAQs are intended to help you better understand Acquisition Visiontech Portal.
While these provide a high-level overview, we encourage you to contact us for further detailed information.

How do I participate in a demo?

Simply Contact us to schedule your personalized demonstration. During the meeting, we will walk you through the key functions of our poratl and show you how it could be implemented for your organization.

Do you offer a free demo site?

Yes, we can provide a free trial of ACQVTECH Portal and give you a chance to test drive how it can work in your organization. Please Contact our representative and learn more about the options available.

What is the cost?

ACQVTECH Portal is available on a subscription basis (Quarterly, Halfyearly as well as Annually. There is a Registeration fee for activation of account. Pricing is based upon the functions requested for. Contact us for a free quote.

How long does it take to implement?

The exact timeline will depend upon how quickly you can provide the information we need to complete the setup process. We can have your supplier portal ready for use within maximum 2 weeks. As part of the setup process, before we activate your account, we try to understand your existing business and the type of requirement which gets generated from your end on regular basis. This would help us to line up the type of supplier required for meeting your day to day requirement.

WHAT PEOPLE can expect from us


  • We help you to determine what to procure and when.

    We operate for the benefit of our clients & suppliers.

  • We help you to Document Product Requirements & Identifying Potential Sources.

    We focus on our Customers.

  • We help you in Obtaining Quotations, Offers, or Proposals as Appropriate.

    We are committed to our tradition.

  • We help you to Choose among Potential Vendors.

    We simplify process.

  • We Manage your Relationship with the Vendor.

    We understand our business better than anyone else.

  • We help you in Completion & Settlement of the Contract.

    We are thinking of tomorrow today.

  • We are helper of helpers.

    We are passionately committed.

    We tend to pass on our knowledge.