We cover your most urgent priorities and drive ongoing savings to the bottom line while building your team's skill. We work across all industries to provide targeted strategic sourcing and procurement transformation services. Your end deliverables can be measurable with cost reduction and performance improvement strategies. Our procurement analytics provide ongoing, crystal-clear spend visibility. We guarantee our results and offer our services on a performance basis, where fees are on a traditional consulting fee basis. We blend our deep experience and category expertise with a hands-on, comprehensive approach to cost optimization. Our methodology is consistently successful across almost all cost area.

We build best sourcing and procurement organizations, processes and policies from the ground up. We can optimize your existing organization by closing gaps between your current procedures and practices and best practice. Our procurement reengineering methodology focuses on procure-to-pay policies and processes such as organization design and technology optimization.


At, Acquisition Visiontech, we secure and sustain value for money with pursue a Collaborative Procurement strategy involving participation in framework of agreements that are in public sector domain.
If you are a Supplier or Service Provider, do let us know and you may be admitted onto our Preferred Vendor List. You need to complete our Initial Registration Request Form or alternatively supply to approved list your basic Company Details, i.e.
> Registered Company Name
> Registration Number
> Registered Address
> Correspondence Address (If Any)
> Contact Information (e-mail and telephone numbers)
> Taxation Details


Once you have completed the steps of being registered on our portal you are not required to do anything except keep your basic details updated.
The process with then be follows can be demonstrated with below mentioned snapshot:-

icon-plus-signBUYER PROFILE

We are currently implementing and rolling out the platform where we would publish purchasing and procurement information via a Buyer Profile. By publishing this information suppliers are allowed the opportunity to identify and express an interest in current and future requirement.
As vendors, the buyers also need to complete our Initial Registration Request Form with their basic Company Details, i.e.
> Registered Company Name
> Registration Number
> Registered Address
> Correspondence Address (If Any)
> Contact Information (e-mail and telephone numbers)
> Taxation Details


green_img Green   Approved Suppliers
amber_img Amber  
Approved to provide business under 5,00,000/- pa (incomplete and require supporting documents or updates.
gold_img Gold  
SME's (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) including local suppliers meeting specific needs and can handle transaction between 5,00,001 pa to 10,00,000 pa.
No Flag  
Approved List documents not submitted, assessment process pending.
red_img Red  
Suppliers who are not to be used as a result of poor service performance or unresolved issues.
Suppliers will receive automatic notices of expired documents and changes in status via our online Portal.
Priority will be given to suppliers with a Green status when selecting firms for competitive quotations for initiating the Procurement Process.
Suppliers with Amber & Gold status may be invited to submit quotations and tenders, subject to pending information being submitted on the portal.

WHAT PEOPLE can expect from us


  • We help you to determine what to procure and when.

    We operate for the benefit of our clients & suppliers.

  • We work with a state of mind that "The buyer needs a hundered of eyes; the seller requires one"
  • We help you to Document Product Requirements & Identifying Potential Sources.

    We focus on our Customers.

  • "We believe that a peice of information is everything"
  • We help you in Obtaining Quotations, Offers, or Proposals as Appropriate.

    We are committed to our tradition.

  • "Price is what you pay. Value is what you get."
  • We help you to Choose among Potential Vendors.

    We simplify process.

  • "We plan the work to work the plan."
  • We Manage your Relationship with the Vendor.

    We understand our business better than anyone else.

  • "Linking Technology to your Business."
  • We make the Unavailable Available.

    We are thinking of tomorrow today.

  • Bigger the Vendor Base, Better the Chances of Fetching Best Quotes.