vendor development, vendor evaluation, vendor coordination
Relying on a traditional process for vendor intake adds days or weeks to the process of supplier discovery and on-boarding.

Acquisition Visiontech provides a centralized platform for standardizing supplier qualification, reducing costs for vendor management, and ensuring visibility of key supplier information to support improved risk management and procurement decisions. We categorize suppliers to establish clear scope around supplier management activities. We are likely to have many suppliers but we emphasis on those list of suppliers that are truly strategic. We consider those suppliers which an organization would have difficulty functioning without. Because of such arrangement our supplier get more attention from our clients and therefore constantly work with them so as to improve performance. We have a clear strategic objective to link project goals with organization initiatives. We use effective techniques to establish the most constructive, time sensitive and valuable deals for our esteemed clients.

We manage Strategic, Tactical, Operational & Commodity Supplier who provide services those are of low value and are easily replaced with other offerings in the market.

Our Offerings:

  • We offer an online quotation submission forum where we invite quotation from different suppliers.

  • We make the Unavailable Available by comprehensive Market Analysis and continuous coordination with the suppliers.

  • We embark to provide the best possible prices on day to day requirement of your organization.

  • We target to provide the most reliable solutions: separating fact from marketing optimism.

  • We would be scrutinizing selected proposals, ensuring an apples to apples comparison and accurate configurations.

  • We would help our the clients to obtain the best and final pricing through mass market analysis.

  • We would provide a detailed communication process and set roadmap for negotiation.

  • We do complete coordination with suppliers to help our client’s for saving their valuable Time & Communication Expenses.


We offer an ERP System which uses its own intelligence to make you win. The software automates the processes & offers to integrate the entire business with un-matched ease. It facilitates flow of information between all business functions inside the organization and manage the connection to all the external stake holders.It is specifically built for medium & small enterprises. We call it a simple, transparent user friendly system designed to limit data entry & increase visbility of entire Quote, Sales, Production, Inventory, Invoicing and Collection Cycle. We offer a rapid deployment process as this ERP comes pre-configured with most of your requirements. It offers a real time availability  of information. It has been designed with a Flexible & Scalable point of view which facilitates your future business expansion with utmost ease.

  • Automates all business and functional processes thereby increasing overall operational efficiency.
  • Very robust & economical solution.
  • Integration of all business processes on a single platform thereby reduces unnecessary paper work, documentation & duplicate entries.
  • Tracking of ALL transactions.
  • Auto email alerts to customers / stake holders.
  • Over 1200 types of reports
  • We study your present system to offer you a standard or customized solution.
  • We offer Migration Services from existing system to Carysoft ERP.
  • We offer a extensive Software Training to your current users as well as we also offer ongoing training for new users.
  • We do provide a complete Maintenance of ERP System through (AMC Packages)*
  • Completely scalable
  • Flexible work flow management
  • Auto generation of Birthday Greetings Msg.
  • Intelligent Auto Reminders / Alerts / To Do notification on the system
  • Analytical Dashboards
  • Powerful Reports and Queries
  • Enhanced Security System
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  • Windows Server 2003 or higher, Windows XP & Windows 7 compatible.
  • MS SQL database.
Website Creation Service + Domain + Hosting + Email ID

Website design is surely the life support system for the business. A good web design can change the entire company’s image in the minds of prospective as well as present clients. Acquisition Visiontech specializes in developing a dynamic, innovative & sophisticated website & applications. We have the expertise which can help you to develop flexible and scalable solutions that meet your objectives while contributing directly to your bottom line.

Our Work Process:

  • Understanding what a website needs to do, and who your audience is?
  • Suggest domain name and web hosting as per your requirements.
  • Start Designing according to customers and market requirements in term of visualization.
  • Website testing, it covers validation / browser compatibility / fast downloading and error free site.
  • Ready to visible in Search engines.


  • We tend to provide real business value for your investments.
  • We provide a regular web maintenance service that covers the issues and new updates if needed.
  • We offer Round the Clock Support for our services.
  • Our target is to help you in achieving best possible solutions for your business needs and reaching set goals.
Custom software
We Design Simple Solutions to Complex Problem.

We have a refined process for eliciting such an understanding and building just a right tool. We can help you to execute you vision and achieve your goals.

We understand no project is ever truly complete. Business continually changes. You may need to adopt to new regulations, new business rules or new workflows. We will be there to provide any sort of support you may require.

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