Relying on a traditional process for vendor intake adds days or weeks to the process of supplier discovery and on-boarding.

Acquisition Visiontech provides a centralized platform for standardizing supplier qualification, reducing costs for vendor management, and ensuring visibility of key supplier information to support improved risk management and procurement decisions. We categorize suppliers to establish clear scope around supplier management activities. We are likely to have many suppliers but we emphasis on those list of suppliers that are truly strategic. We consider those suppliers which an organization would have difficulty functioning without. Because of such arrangement our supplier get more attention from our clients and therefore constantly work with them so as to improve performance. We have a clear strategic objective to link project goals with company's initiatives. We use effective techniques to establish the most constructive, time sensitive and valuable deals for our esteemed clients.

We manage Strategic. Tactical, Operational & Commodity Supplier to meeting the who provide services those are of low value and are easily replaced with other offerings in the market.

WHAT PEOPLE can expect from us


  • We help you to determine what to procure and when.

    We operate for the benefit of our clients & suppliers.

  • We help you to Document Product Requirements & Identifying Potential Sources.

    We focus on our Customers.

  • We help you in Obtaining Quotations, Offers, or Proposals as Appropriate.

    We are committed to our tradition.

  • We help you to Choose among Potential Vendors.

    We simplify process.

  • We Manage your Relationship with the Vendor.

    We understand our business better than anyone else.

  • We help you in Completion & Settlement of the Contract.

    We are thinking of tomorrow today.

  • We are helper of helpers.

    We are passionately committed.

    We tend to pass on our knowledge.